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Spectacular advertising graphics and beam shows.

Core Business.

T-Laser design and project graphic beam shows for the advertising and entertainment industry. With the use of full colour and green, red and blue lasers, T-Laser caters to all customer needs and their specific advertising and entertainment requirements.


T-Laser operations personnel have all been trained by our German support company.

Safety Applications

The German Federation has very strict rules regarding laser projection safety and all T-Laser personnel have been thoroughly educated in this aspect and have safety certification. The lasers that we have purchased comply to all the safety and state regulations.


T-Laser is very active with Digitizing graphics for the laser projections. The laser projections themselves are done in shopping centres, on the sides of buildings, on bill boards etc. We also do nightclub beam shows and have a library of prerecorded shows.

Time and Place

Normally the laser shows take place from late afternoon and early morning. T-Laser shows and adds are projected on static position displays and also mobile Bill boards. T-Laser obviously use very prominent display positions for the advertising shows.


Our Light Jays have been professionally trained by one of Germany's best, to ensure the best quality and spectacular laser shows that will not be forgotten. Reach out over an audience and draw them in. T-Laser show audience members are not just spectators, but an integrated part of the experience. T-Laser shows and effects can be used as a stand alone entertainment or synchronized with music.

A T-Laser light show is very effective in sucking in the audience into a world of visual stimulation unlike any other form of lighting Giving your audience an experience that will be remembered.

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