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Michael Veiga

Michael Viega

Michael Viega

Michael has been performing magic and illusions for the past 8 years, trained under the late Jimmy Ritchie and currently offers the following as street magic or walk around magic.

The artistry of David Blaine

All of this magic is appropriate for the streets and busking/walk around, including:

  • All his card effects
  • Levitation for crowds not exceeding 3 people (can take a group aside at a time to perform)
  • Effects with everyday objects
  • Impossible contortions with body parts
  • Many others

The artistry of Cris Angel (Effects from the mindfreak series)

  • Coin in soda can
  • Card in Ziploc bag (made famous by Wayne Houchin)
  • Stigmata (made famous by Wayne Houchin)

The artisty of David Copperfield

  • Pencil through money bill
  • Floating rose illusion (conditions permitting)
  • Crazy mans handcuffs
  • Selective card effects


  • Bill in lemon (made famous by Doc Eason)
  • Money transformation (made famous by Michael Ammar)
  • Coin manipulation (made famous by David Williamson)
  • Impossible chain escape

Last but not least he performs the flying cigarette which has become his trademark over the past 3 years, which as far as we know he is currently the only one performing in Johannesburg.

He is also skilled in the art of hypnosis, should you require an \"Andre the hypnotist\" type show.

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