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Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman

Born in 1979, Jason was raised in Kwazulu Natal and Johannesburg, one of two boys of divorced parents. Jason attended Boarding School in the Midlands, where he excelled at Cricket and various sports. His love of music was predominant from a small boy - his father having always played in Bands on a part time basis, whilst running his business interests. It was here, in the Midlands, that Jason also developed a great love for the outdoors and the environment. He learnt to converse in Zulu and enjoyed learning and teaching any new skills wherever he could. He participated in as many activities as he could, as one does at Boarding School, and thrived in the peacefulness of the country life.

After matriculating and due to a family crisis and financial necessity, Jason and his brother Scott, formed a cover Band with their father, Sam. They spent much of the following ten years intermittently eking out a living on the road and playing for corporate functions. Jason, in between his other ventures of promoting environmentally sustainable living practices, started busking on his own in Johannesburg. He formed a Duo called Justus who quickly went on to winning the Tanz Café Duo Competition in Bryanston.

However, at the age of 29 - somewhat disillusioned with the music industry, Jason decided to give Idols a bash! It would be his last attempt at instant fame before the competition cut-off age of 30!

At first, he was confident of his abilities, but as the contestants were whittled down to 100, that confidence began to wane. \\\"These were some of the best singers I had ever heard\\\" he confesses. None the less, he went on to making it through each week and then finally to the Top 2 on May 3rd 2009. After Sasha-Lee was announced the winner, Jason was somewhat relieved \\\"I felt that Sasha-Lee would make a great Idol - she is an amazing singer and has no vices!\\\"

But the subsequent announcement that he and Sasha-Lee would share the Title meant that he had the best of both worlds - dodging the expectations that go with winning a reality TV talent show whilst building up enough of a profile to pursue his passion for music and raising awareness of environmental and conservation issues.
He says \\\"I have walked a long and difficult road and I`ve got a message and a purpose that is bigger than me. Life has its own plan for each of us, and we need to open ourselves up to it\\\". One of the highlights of his Idols success was being given the Freedom of the Town of Howick, alongside Pixie Bennet - the last person to have achieved this being Nelson Mandela!

Since May 3rd 2009, Jason has \\\"attacked\\\" a whirlwind of appearances, gigs and tours playing in almost every town and province in SA and Namibia. His band consists of his brother Scott on drums and vocals and his father, Sam on guitar and vocals, as well as a bass player. His Idols single, \\\"Break the Silence\\\" made it to number 1 on radio stations throughout SA as well as the Nokia top 40 SA.

Jason`s new album is due for release in mid October and is produced by Sony SA. He has written and performed most of the songs himself, which has been his biggest dream to date! One of the tracks features a duet with Sasha-Lee - a song he wrote a few years ago. His newly released single, On The Run, written and performed by him, has recently hit the charts and is climbing.\\\"It has been a great honor for me to have had this incredible opportunity and work with such a great team of people\\\" says Jason of his recent successes, always the humble man and always ready to hand over accolades to others.

Jason has not feared dreaming big or plunging headfirst into achieving his dreams. His packed performances have brought him into contact with people from all walks of life and he has committed himself to continuing his initiatives started before and during Idols. Through The Men of Trees NGO ( and Jason`s Gardens initiative ( he is driving several ‘green\\\' projects such as sustainable vegetable gardens in schools.

Jason describes himself, with a grin, as \\\"just an authentic, down - to - earth guy who happens to be a muso!\\\" Backed by his team and stalwart family and armed with his guitar, Jason doesn\\\'t want to be another manufactured pop star.

The journey has just begun. A young man who entered a Reality TV Show and won it, has entered millions of people`s hearts and homes and risen to the challenge with great pride, dignity, hard work and dedication. He is a true South African with a great passion for his country. He aims to write and produce many great songs and continue entertaining people for a long time yet!

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