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Stan Sussman Illusionist

Stan Sussman Illusionist

Stan Sussman Illusionist


Real magic as it would be performed in Vegas. Personalised according to your needs. Popular choices include:

magic with top professional dance sequences;
magic with hilarious comedy;
magic choreographed to music,
or interactive audience participation.

IMAGINE your new product appearing at the centre of each banqueting table simultaneously.

IMAGINE making your boss appear, or even disappear for a small extra fee!

IMAGINE your old CEO transforming into your new CEO.

IMAGINE five dancing girls appearing in a puff of smoke with giant models of your product.

IMAGINE seven audience members on a platform in mid air ... suddenly disappearing.

IMAGINE a motor car appearing in a tent.

IMAGINE doubling your monthly salary cheque. (Just kidding. If Stan was that good he would not be doing shows for a living).

Anything you can (or can not) imagine...Stan Sussman will transform your vision into reality.

Stan Sussman\'s rare combination of talents together with his experience and sincere desire to help each client achieve outstanding success have made him South Africa\'s most sought after corporate magic and illusion specialist.

Stan became infatuated with magic at the age of seven after seeing a magic show at a kids birthday party. The magician produced sweets which he handed out to the kids. Stan thought the sweets might really be magical. He kept his sweets under his pillow for three weeks instead of eating them.

After the party Stan became fascinated with his uncle\'s powers which included pulling a coin out of Stan\'s ear and restoring a match he broke inside a hanky. Magic became Stan\'s hobby at school and he devoured all the magic books he could find. His parents felt he should concentrate more on his schoolwork as he would need to get a real job.

Stan completed his studies in electrical engineering and worked for IBM as an analyst. He also assisted in the education department as a trainer. During this period Stan surprised himself by winning first place in the Johannesburg Magic Circle close-up magic championships only a week after he had joined the club.

The fact that he had beaten several respected professional magicians motivated Stan to start moonlighting as a semi-professional entertainer. He performed close-up magic in restaurants and a comedy routine in clubs.

Stan also joined Gold Reef City as a street busker and was soon awarded the task of producing, directing and performing large illusion shows in the hippodrome.

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